About Us

At TAPE KINETICS, we design and manufacture the highest quality kinesiology tape and athletic gear. We carefully test and evaluate every product we launch. To date, we’ve served thousands of happy customers and are especially thankful for our repeat customers.

Who We Are

We’re a small startup that launched in January 2015. The founding team is made up of serial endurance athletes, who have high-level experience in everything from rowing, to 100-mile ultra-marathons, and triathlons at the professional level.

Christen Dybenko

While working at Apple as a Designer, Christen learned the value of kinesiology tape when she could no longer endure the aching pain in her wrist. An old wrist injury from rowing, coupled with long hours using a mouse, started to cause her a lot of pain. With the help of her PT (shout out to Dr. Rupa), lots of stretching, and kinesiology tape application, her wrist condition improved and became manageable. Her wrist got so strong that she was able to take up cycling and triathlon! Christen still wears kinesiology tape for long days on the computer and long days biking or running. 

Where Are We Located?

We are headquartered in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Our Beliefs

We prioritize design and aesthetics to deliver quality products, that honor function before profit. Our tape enables the healing, achievement, and drive of our customers.

Get Involved

We personally test our own products, but given our small size, we’re especially appreciative of the feedback from our VIP athletes. If you're an athlete, please get in touch!

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in carrying TAPE KINETICS at your retail location, please contact Christen Dybenko at christen@bestpath.co